To serve you better, we've assembled a list of our customers' most frequently asked questions. If you don't find your answer here, feel free to contact us at 423-892-2890 press 0 for customer service.

How do I apply for Water Service at Eastside Utility District?

If you need service at a new address, three options are available:

1. On Line (you can only do this if you can attach a copy or a digital image of your drivers license and pay your $15.00 non-refundable service fee online.)

2. Fax the contract and a copy of your driver’s license to 423-490-9516. You will also need to call the office and pay a $15.00 non-refundable service fee with a credit card before water service will be turned on.


3. Visit our office. Complete the contract and pay the $15.00 non-refundable service fee also we will need to make a copy of your driver’s license. We may also need a copy of your lease or purchase agreement if money is owed on the account.


Landlords- If you have had water established in your name at an address you can call our office to have water put back in your name, a $15.00 service fee will need to be paid if service has been turned off.

What are my payment options?

• Payments can be made in person at our office located at 3018 Hickory Valley Rd Business
   Hours are 8am thru 5pm Monday thru Friday.
• We also have a night drop located by our front door and at the drive thru window for after
   hours use.
• We have two satellite payment centers – First Tennessee Bank and the Village Market in
   Collegedale. Payments are taken on current bills only during their normal business hours
   and a bill must be presented with each payment. (Satellight payment centers will not
   accept e-bills.)
• Automatic Bank Draft
Online Payment

Phone Pay PSN (Payment System Network)

My water bill seems to high. How do I check for leaks?

If your water bill is higher than normal and you think you may have a leak click here for more information.


If your water bill is higher than normal and you think your meter was over read you can check the reading on your meter. Read the first four numbers (left to right) in white on the odometer of your meter. Do not read the last two numbers in black. If the reading on your meter is less than the reading on your current bill, call our office at 423-892-2890 with the correct reading for an adjustment.


My water was cut off for non-payment. How do I restore my water service?

You must pay your bill plus a $35.00 re-connect fee. A $65.00 fee plus the bill if paid after 4pm or on a weekend or holiday to have service restored. Payment can be made in our office or over the phone during normal business hours if paying after hours you can pay the Eastside employee when he is at your meter to restore service. Service personnel can be reached during and after normal business hours at 423-892-2890.

Do you send notices prior to disconnecting water on delinquent accounts?

Yes, we send a delinquent notice out after your second bill becomes past due. You then have 5 days from the mailing date to pay the notice or the water will be turned off. (FAILURE TO RECEIVE BILL OR DELINQUENT NOTICE DOES NOT RELIEVE CONSUMER OF PAYMENT OR DISCONNECTION OF WATER.) If the service is discontinued for non-payment an additional $35.00 charge plus the bill must be paid before service is restored. A charge of $20.00 plus the bill must be paid to keep service on if a utility employee has left the office to disconnect service but has not actually turned the water off yet. For reinstatement of service after 4:00 pm on a regular work day, a holiday, or during the weekend, a charge of $65.00 will be added.

How do I sign up for automatic bank draft? / Return Bank Drafts

Complete the bank draft form that can be downloaded from our customer resource tab. Return the form to our office along with a voided check. Please allow approximately fourteen business days for processing. This will authorize your financial institution to automatically deduct the amount of your bill. You will continue to receive a bill at your regular billing period. It will show the draft date and the amount that will be drafted from your bank account. This service is free.


If you have a returned bank draft there is a $25.00 return bank draft fee.

Who do I contact for sewer questions or adjustments?

The sewer rate is determined by your sewer provider, not the water utility. For questions about rates or have had a leak and need a sewer adjustment, please call your sewer provider at one of the numbers listed.

 WWTA (Hamilton County) 423-209-7808
                                      423-209-7809 FAX

City of Collegedale- Phone: 423-468-1984, Fax: 423-396-3138 - Attn: Robbie Derrick


Southern Adventist University 423-280-3757

What if I have a returned check?

You will receive a letter from us when we receive your check back for non payment. You must pay the amount of the check plus a $20.00 service fee to clear your account by the date designated on the letter or water service will be turned off.  If the water is turned off, you will need to also pay a reconnect fee to have service restored.

How do I change info on my account due to divorce, death, marriage, etc?

Changes can be made at our office by providing a picture identification and signing a new contract. There is no charge.

What can I do to prevent frozen pipes during extremely cold tempertures?

You can help prevent frozen pipes by leaving a pencil sized stream of water running from an inside cold water faucet.  Close all vents under your house and any doors, such as garage doors, that allow cold air to get to your plumbing. In the event of frozen pipes, you may want to check for leaks when the pipes thaw out. This is a common occurrence.


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