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Portal FAQ's

How do I access the new WaterSmart Portal?

How can I save money with the new smart meters?

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How-To Videos

play icon NEW!  How to Read Your Smart Water Meter

play icon Register for the New WaterSmart Portal

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How-To Videos

Register for the New WaterSmart Portal

Learn how to register for the new WaterSmart portal. Watch the instructional video below or view our online guide here.

Ready to Register?

View and Track Your Usage

Leak Alerting and Resolution

How to Read Your Smart Water Meter

View the written instructions here: How to read your smart water meter


How do I access the new Customer Portal?

The direct link to the new WaterSmart customer portal is https://eastsideutilitytn.watersmart.com.  You will need to first register for a new account if you have not already. Have ready your billing account number and service address zip code and follow our step-by-step guide, or watch the instructional video above. Tip: Be sure to use the zip code for your service address and not your billing address if it's different.


How can I save money with the new smart meters?

Smart meters themselves can’t save you money; however, the information they provide can help you figure out if you are wasting water or potentially have a leak from a leaky toilet, an inefficient washing machine or shower head. You can then use that information to make repairs and other changes to reduce water consumptionEastside can provide specific conservation tips and advice about using water efficient devices. Each of these things can help you reduce your water use and, consequently, the amount of your water bill.